About Henk Eggens

Born in Groningen, at 11th of july in 1958, I’m a typical child of the North, cold as ice, silent,blunt, briefly, in short, summarily and all other descriptions that fit.

Married in 1981 with Jansje, father of Chantal (1987) and Martijn (1989)

It's me

Everything that’s giving energy and is founded in passion works for me, you can call it work or what else, there are only two times, freetime and sleeping time.

It’s all about imagination, i only can think and handle in images, I can see things nobody has seen, and if I think it will help the world i’ll show it.

Just Imagine It so is a sort of trademark of Henk Eggens Photography. The passion for image (is always a part of imagine) made that the site is registred in Italy, so Just Imagine.it was born. As always, Dream it, Wish it, and Just do it.

Under every circumstance

Henk Eggens is (also) a professional photographer, associated to Beroepsfotografen Nederland (BFN), NVJ/NVF, and NSP (Dutch Sport Press), education: Academy of PhotArt and School of Photography, also master in Psychology (Msc) and Phd Economics and Labour.

Focus is on Social and Documentary Photography, as you can imagine……

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